Saturday, March 11, 2017

Short thoughts on the Miracle of the Camp Nou

So I just saw the PSG Barcelona game again. First off, let's be clear, Barca deserve to go through. They do because of their mental strength, their quality and their sheer bloody minded will to win. 

That being said I have to say this could have had such a different score line on another night, because of a few inches, a few bounces.. I have never seen anything like it.

The own goal and the moronic defending on goals 1 and 3 alone granted Barca 3 goals. Without them and the Suarez dive penalty Barca would have scored 2 goals, not 6. The Cavani and Di Maria chances could easily have given PSG 3 goals and not 1. That's even leaving aside Cavani hitting the post and the 2 penalty shouts against Mascherano. It's not like Barca was battering the PSG goal or creating clear cut chances except the last 8 minutes.

Basically this game could have actually been a 3-2 win for PSG on another night. It is a game and a result that was nothing short of a miracle. The result of one teams indomitable will to win and self belief meeting another teams complete and total mental breakdown and complete loss of self belief. The result of luck, genius, mistakes, bounces and the destiny that winners make for themselves. PSG fans can blame the referee but the truth is Barca won because they were meant to win. Because sometimes the perfect storm meets a miracle. And that's what happened that night. 

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