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The Story of Mr. Sirsat and his Legendary Ros Omlette

  Sirsat No.1 Ras Omlette, Assgao  Ros Omlette (also called Ras Omlette) is the one Goan dish I was determined to try on this trip. A classic Goan street food, it consists of three main elements… a spicy curry (usually chicken) poured over an Omlette and served with poee and finely chopped onions and lemon. The gravy is cooked separately, usually like a xacuti or a similar coconut based gravy popular with Goan Hindus. The Omlette is the classic Indian Omlette with finely chopped chillies, onions, coriander and salt. A street food special, it is a complete meal in itself and one that’s increasingly hard to find even in Goa. Mr. Sirsat is has been making Ras Omlettes for twenty years now. Until covid struck, he was based in Panjim where he would sell hundreds of portions of this incredible dish every day. This is the only dish he serves and it may just be the single best dish I’ve had on this trip. It is perfect, it is food as a shared experience, as a common denominator. Whether you’ve

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