Tuesday, November 12, 2002

Message about my leaving Bharti

I am leaving Bharti Telesoft to join GloboSport, a new sports management firm where I shall be handling Marketing and Business Development, based out of Bangalore. The firm is being started by Mahesh Bhupati, the world no.4 in tennis doubles and defending US Open Doubles Champion.

Mahesh, is a legend in India, a former world number 1 doubles player, and until recently, one half of the "Indian Express" along with Leander Paes. They are widely regarded as being the third best doubles team of the open era (after the Woodies from Australia, and McEnroe/Fleming), and along with being ranked no.1, they also achieved the distinction of making it to the finals of every Grand Slam a few years ago.

While the decision to leave a large established organisation like the Bharti Group, and join a small start-up with a small team is one that inherently contains a certain degree of risk, I believe it is the right decision.
With the larger sports management firms like IMG, World Tel etc. being highly focused on cricket, I believe that there is a large opportunity in India in other sports like football, tennis and Formula 1. I look forward to the challenge of proving this hypothesis true, as well as the opportunity to work with sports on a daily basis.

The new job, being a start-up, obviously means a large reduction in the official salary. But this is not about the money, it's about doing work that I really enjoy, being involved with sports, something I am very passionate about (along with development issues and motivational theory), and where I can feel challenged and excited about on a daily basis. I have realised that loving Ericsson/Consumer Technogoly/Internet and is very different from loving hardcore IT/Telecommunications, and now is the time for me to walk away from three years of Tech Marketing and start Marketing something that I can really relate to.

Put simply, at the end of the day I'd rather discuss Sampras vs Agassi or Real Madrid vs Manchester United, rather than SIP vs H.323 (they are protocols for IP Telephony).

From Wednesday onwards, I will be available on anirbanblah@hotmail.com and on (+91)98451 14854.
My web log addresses are http://blahspeak.blogspot.com and http://blahsport.blogspot.com.

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