Monday, October 28, 2002

The job scene...

Anyway blah, why did you quit your job? whats the deal now?
I quit my job because the company sucked, it was a very lala company that worked like the indian postal service, that was too slow, that didn't understand marketing, didn't have clarity about where it wanted to go, and where there was too much interference from non marketing functions like HR and Tech and Finance. Also, Telecoms isn't me in the long run.

I was fed up with having discussions with HR and Finance and Tech. Inane discussions where the head of Finance would ask if the money i wanted to spend on a PR firm would be better spent in improving the existing cafetaria facilities. So I said that I'm obviously biased as a marketer, and he has more experience and wll have a more objective opinion on whether strategic PR or an improved cafetaria will have a greater impact on his business objectives. So u win the argument... but not the smartest idea being insubordinate and giving lip to the management team :)

What next, I've got a job offer from a start-up sports management company, on a lower salary, but with a profit share, handling marketing. Problem is that this job has now been offered on the phone and i will only sign a contract after the owner, Mahesh Bhupati, returns to India on the 6th. Bhupati is a 7 time grand slam doubles winner, former world number 1 in doubles, and current world no.4 and US Open Doubles Champ with Max Myrni. Hopefully there will be no screw ups but who knows? But the guy heading the company is a good guy, Mahesh is a legend, and this is about following my dream... what's a minor risk compared to living your dream?

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