Wednesday, October 23, 2002

Ambu's replies to the last 2 posts
1) The problem is not a Jammu problem. It's a Kashmir problem. The PDP has swept the elections in Kashmir, and are the elected representatives of the people in the state.

Correction, they are (possibly) the elected representatives of those who chose to vote and were not coerced or threatened into doing so by India's 'benign' security forces. Despite the lies being perpetrated by India's government and its media, most people there would rather not have anything to do with this state, its election or its politicians. It might potentially be suicide to want an independent state, but thats what they want.

> 2) The absurdity and hypocrisy of a government that is about to wage war on Iraq for unproven proliferation in weapons of mass destruction is unbelievable when North Korea has admitted to a nuclear programme that American operatives themselves say was supported by Pakistan (since the Benazir Bhutto government in 1988) and China. Why not bomb Musharraf?

Why not bomb India while you are at it? If posessing nuclear weapons is a crime then all the permanent members of the Security Council should bomb themselves. The answer is that its not a crime (although double standards are a dime-a-dozen). Neither India nor Pakistan have signed the CTBT or any treaty affirming that they wont develop nukes (with good reason) and therefore have broken no law. Neither has North Korea because a sovereign state has the right to withdraw from any treaty that it signed in the past, and they have just done so. Iraq however, IS in breach of international law. It agreed to UN resolutions in return for a ceasefire in 1992. Having said that, nothing can
convince me that bombings are justified, for any reason. I totally agree that potential votes and recriminations for the past are driving this beating of the war-drums.

Anyway blah, why did you quit your job? whats the deal now? And azad for the
nth time, did you get my (multiple) replies to your email? If not, there is
something wrong with your email delivery system.

take care everyone.