Monday, June 20, 2016

Short note on Lebron James

I'm not a Lebron James fan. I root for everyone to beat his teams from Nowotzki's Mavs to the Spurs to Curry's Warriors. On the other hand I am a huge fan of Stephen Curry and how electrifying he is. 

But through the last 3 games, Lebron has earned my everlasting respect. To spend half your life with a dream for your hometown. To see failure stare you in the face again, and the dream almost shattered again. To refuse to give up, to chase this dream against impossible odds, against the greatest regular season team in history, facing elimination 3 nights in a row. To execute to perfection against that pressure 3 nights in a row and make that dreiam come true carrying your teammates and your city's hopes on your back, while showing the world who the world's best basketball player really is when it matters.. This is the stuff legends are made of. 

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