Monday, April 11, 2016

Postcards from Bapi

A snowball fight in Kashmir when I was 3
Taller than my imagination 
A smile 
Wanting to give your wife and children anything we wanted 
A million sarees 
A video game console 
A robot with flashing lights
A string of pearls 
An education

Board games in Kohima 
Playing horsie on your knees
Hearing your gentle voice tell stories 
Remembering you call your daughter doolum

Your time every single day 
Kindness every single day 
Love every single day

Old monk and honeybee
The black sandals you wore
20 Luchis on Sunday mornings
Books. Steinbeck. Wodehouse. Le Carre. 
Discovering you were the volleyball captain in school 
Standing by your wife over family 
The Corbett book you won for essay writing in school 
Crosby Stills Nash and Young. Pink Floyd. U2
The day we bought the music system and played Money for Nothing
The song you loved...Vincent.
Because the world was never meant for one as beautiful as you 
The long long drives. MLN 3. The Maruti. The Santro.
The winding roads through pine trees on the way to upper Shillong
Playing table tennis  
The sports magazines you brought home 
The conversations we had about everything in the world 
The holidays to South India and Goa. 
1 man. 1 woman. 3 children. 13 pieces of luggage.
The week travelling through Garo Hills with you on work.
Our first steps abroad... The border signpost with Bangladesh.
The visits to Delhi for school admissions 
Second class trains. A summer that scorched the earth. Endless cups of tea
Travelling by bus to schools in Delhi
Our first movie theatre in Delhi
The first ice cream sundae we had at Nirulas
You encouraging me to study literature if that is what I loved 

Discovering you had diabetes
The day you drove for an hour... Lost in Guwahati
The day you started forgetting 
The day you first didn't get a promotion 
The day you resigned 
The other job you took and your frustration 
The fight with your brother
Leaving home. Leaving Shillong. Leaving Guwahati.
The day I saw you reading a newspaper upside down

But enough 
Let us talk of other things 

Playing with your grandchildren 
Seeing the kindness and love pass on to another generation 
The quiet happiness and pride
The lack of judgement
The tolerance, patience and acceptance 

And even today...
The kindness every single day
The love every single day 

This isn't a requiem for you are not gone 
This is a chronicle of the love and happiness 
That you brought to me 
And to everyone who knows you
You truly are special 
And I hope I raise my sons the way you raised me 


Nidhhi Agerwal said...

This is beautiful

Ayaan Blah said...

Very well written

nikhil said...

This is so genuine and beautiful..loved reading every word - Maddy

Nivedita Sudheer said...


Nivedita Sudheer said...


CuttingChai said...

So beautiful..

aditi said...

beautiful peice penned down in the memory of a father by true to heart son, could not have been more true than this.