Sunday, January 11, 2009


1.Tandoori chicken stuffed with sausages,peas and potatoes served with finger chips.
2. Coorg pork curry with chicken mince, idiappam and sanaas. Kesar kheer with raisins and nuts fried in ghee.
3. Liver on toast. Pork sausage. Roast pork. Pork vindaloo. Smiley fries with spicy mayonaisse. Cold coffee 4. White mutton cooked in egg and milk. Bengali mutton Jhol with Potatoes.
5. Unlimited Andhra Thali with Chicken 65, Pepper Chicken, Buttermilk and Gulab Jamun.
6. Chilli Pork. Bengali Chana Dal.Apricots with fresh cream and ice cream.
7. Chicken liver pate with olives. Goat cheese crostini. Fillet mignon with bernaise sauce. Frozen merengue cake with chocolate.
8. Khasi pork curry with potatoes and tomatoes. Pork fry.
9. Andhra biryani with chicken kabab and chilli chicken
10. Beef tongue, prawn in wasabi mayonaisse, grilled and sliced pork, fried noodles ramen style with beef and pork, sushi
11. Chicken baked with melted cheese and potatoes
12. Scallops with tomato,garlic and pine nut.asparagus with parmesan and crisp fried mint.Prawns with ginger and seaweed.Salad with oven roasted tomatoes,figs and feta cheese.Sea bass with mustard sauce and parsley.Lamb shanks with red wine sauce.Lemon cheesecake with pomegranate sauce.
13. Hyderabad House Biryani
14. Shyvan Biryani (comfort food :))
15. Boneless lamb rice with lamb chops.
16.Chicken momos.
17. Barbeque chicken. Apple Pie with Ice Cream.
18. Khasi Pork Curry with Black Sesame Seeds. Nepali Chutney. Bengali Chicken Jhol and Baingan Bhaja.

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