Saturday, November 29, 2008


An sms I received half an hour ago:

"The tragic events in Mumbai remind us how precious life is. We r with u always. Sms FG to 567678 for Total Insurance Solutions or claims if any. Future Generali"

This must be the single most tasteless and shameless piece of marketing or advertising I have ever seen in person. It is exploitative, insensitive and disgusting at so many different levels that I am stunned. I hope whichever dumbass at Future Generali thought "a tragedy... what a good time to sell life insurance" loses his job as does the media buyer and whoever at Airtel agreed to send this out. Is this what we have come to? Is our greed and our obsession with 8% GDP growth reached a level where our largest companies and their highly paid professionals don't have the decency to show a little sensitivity to the 200 odd people who have lost their lives without trying to figure how to exploit this and make some money of it?

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