Friday, December 27, 2002

greetings from The Blah.
it's time to take a break from the hectic world of sports and my daily conversations with Arantxa Sanchez-Vicario :) to take a moment for the people i love, the people in my life, the people who in any way, over the last few years, have had some sort of an impact on me.
People who have made me think. People who have made me feel. People who amaze me just being the people they are.
The last year was a strange one for me, as i tried to straddle my two worlds, sweden/europe and India... not two countries or two continents, but two lives and two worlds. A year when the muse abandoned my words and the letters lay untyped, unsent, unheard.
They say home is where the heart is. I know where the person I love is. But the heart now seems to be in many different places... India, Sweden, UK, Canada, Philippines, Australia, Lithuania, Estonia and more... and this is a good time to say that though i have hardly stayed in touch since may, and that you are often in my thoughts.
I plan to be much better at staying in touch this year, once our WTA event is over (Feb 10th) and i hope that u do the same.
Best wishes for the coming year... hoping not that u get all that u wish for, but that u are the best that u can be, ... that u find happiness in what u do
... that u are true to yourselves, to what you believe in, what you really want, and what would really make you happy, and that you have the courage to follow your personal truths, your individual destinies rather than taking the safe option.
... that you find happiness in friends and family, and that you surround yourselves with those who make you happy, and those that inspire you to go beyond your limits... remember the Blah-ism (that's a Blah saying :)) .."we are humans... our wings are not gifted by god... our wings are created by other humans that teach you to soar and remind you as you walk along the ground... "why look at the ground and walk... you have the ability to look at the sky and fly"."
... and finally, that our world is a kinder more tolerant place, more accepting of differences, and more sensitive to the wants, needs and sufferings of others, and more aware of our responsibilities as individuals. We are among the 1% of most educated and privileged people in the world, and is it upto us to take responsibility for our societies, whether in large ways or small. Remember that one act that makes a difference to one person in the smallest possible way, has changed the world and made it better than it otherwise would have been.
With loads of love, always
The Blah

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