Tuesday, October 29, 2002

Young people do want to make a difference....
Excerpts from the post-NMS mail to akhila
March 2002, Stockholm

.... the conference was very motivating on a personal level. I think it was great to work in a faci team with more than 10 countries, to be in a conference with almost 200 young people from about 20 countries... to see all those people party hard and get passionate about aiesec was good, but more importantly to see all those young people really question things. Question the state in the world, the role that they have to play in it, their values, to see that across the world, young people, intelligent young people really do care, really do want to make a difference was very inspiring.

It's just that young people don't have enough opportunity to realise that they do care.

We are stuck with indifferent peer groups, and bombarded with media images that desensitise us and shift us rapidly from one emotion to another within seconds without giving time for any emotion to really be thought through and grow. And as a result we never have time to question our role in society except on the plane of professional success or social acceptability.

It was great to take people out of this desensitised daily life and put them in an environment where they could realise that they are aware, they are educated, they are intelligent, and they are in a position to make a difference. In fact, as part of the 1% of the world's population with a university degree, it is in some sense a moral obligation to not walk away from the role we can play in society....

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